Stranded in the liminal

Transition weighs heavy today. This weekend’s wonderful celebration of my dear friend, Rev. Kate Hanch, put me in the same room with a lot of my favorite people — all people asking what is next for me. And the answer is that I don’t know. I have plenty of desire, but opportunity seems to be lacking.

There are questions of denomination and of service. And as much as people have tried to encourage me, there are questions of giftedness. Am I fooling myself? It is easy to feel so good when surrounded by people who seem to see you and want what you have to offer. But when that time ends? Self doubt reappears.

I don’t know where to go from here. And I’m hoping that’s okay.

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9 responses to “Stranded in the liminal

  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for your honesty and authenticity. I’m right there with you, sister.

  2. Kathy

    Jennifer – doubts only make you stronger if you process them in ways that point you closer to the future.Often we cannot see the future because we only have our past picture images. If possible, examine what you believe you were called to. Is there anything that says you were called to a denomination or were you called to use your gifts to serve God? Use your imaginatiaon – create a new picture – what and where do you see it? The truth for me is, I am about as close as I think I will get in baptist life to where I feel called to be. I’m processing very similar things, thoughts and decisions. I would be interested in your questions about giftedness and I encourage you to rest in the truth of those who affirm you. Yesterday was a good day and if it affirmed what you believe to be true – live it, dream it, be it, wherever God might lead.

    • Thanks, Kathy. Problem with denomination is that other denominations also have very specific processes and hoops for ordination, etc. I’m feeling more and more like part of the post-denomination crowd, but I keep hearing that I need to choose. I am thankful for you, though =0)

  3. I hope you find a way through all of this , you seem to have a lot to offer from what I have read. I guess its just a lot of prayer and looking after yourself to be able to be awake to the opportunity when it does come. Dont let stuff of institutions and denominations restrict you , in many ways tat is what thwey are designed to do . I have spent years battling with issues in mine and have had to come to terms with the fact that my relationship with it will always be very difficult . Please remain encouraged

  4. leanng

    Thanks for your honesty. These are still questions I find myself asking regularly. In many ways, the questions keep me honest but honesty sometimes disturbs sleep. My reality is that I can simply move in the direction of what I know today & what I hope for the future given the dreams God has helped me dream. I pray the same for you. You don’t have to know what tomorrow holds or where it will take you. Remember God goes before you and will be with you!

  5. Mabel

    Does the bible tell us to be loyal to a denomination? Is the concept of denomination even biblical? I am sure it is not.

    • Denominations didn’t exist yet, but religious sects certainly did — Christianity started out as a sect of Judaism (a Judaism that already had many different branches). But whether or not denominations or dedication to them are found in the Bible, the current church has them, and in order to follow a call into pastoral ministry, I need a home.

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