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Journey to one thousand


holy experience


I’ve been meaning to start this for awhile, luckily my buddy Megan Gelband keeps reminding me with her blog. Since Thanksgiving is sneaking up, what better time for recording a handful of the things I am thankful for?

1. Hugs from my husband – he reassures me that the world is not to explode, even when it feels like my heart will

2. The smell of clean laundry

3. New recipes to try. Tonight – Chicken Fajita Soup

4. Parents who buy tiny orange peppers for the above recipe

5. Big Bang Theory Season 3, Disc 1 — in the mail today

6. Gobs and gobs of crunchy leaves ready to step on

7. 17 months of dating my favorite person

8. Encouraging friends who call or e-mail at just the right time

9. Warm blankets to wrap up in

10. Ending sentence fragments in prepositions

Sorry for the delay in posts. A trip out of town and beginning of a new class have made the last few weeks tick by without my notice. Reflections coming soon. In the meantime, what are you thankful for?



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