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Yesterday my dear friend and colleague Katrina created this site in order to help with the expenses Allyn and I have had as a result of this miscarriage. This will be the only time I post a link to it here.

What expenses does one have in miscarriage? We found ourselves having to meet both of our insurance deductibles at the same time (we had planned Allyn’s testing for sleep apnea knowing it would be a good time for the expense since expenses related to baby would be happening much later—oh the best laid plans . . . ). As it turns out, having two ultrasounds in one day to confirm the death of your in utero baby is not considered a doctor’s appointment, but diagnostic tests—which are still expensive even after your insurance adjusts the rate (but doesn’t pay due to said deductible). Allyn and I have also missed work in the process from appointments—and from days when I have been in extensive pain. Neither of us currently receive paid time off. Since this process has been taking such a long time for me, I’ve had other visits to the doctor, a blood test, and will either have more doctor’s visits (likely with more ultrasounds — luckily insurance will be more helpful next time) and/or surgery.

If what we receive ends up being more than the expenses we require, extra funds will go toward the much-requested book about my experience with miscarriage and/or go toward assisting Katrina with the expenses she has faced with the pregnancy and birth of her beautiful twin boys who had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome while in the womb, requiring an emergency surgery several states away, extended bed rest for Katrina, lots of appointments with lots of doctors, and a NICU stay for one of the boys in the days following birth.

Your contributions—to either one of us—are very deeply appreciated. My stress level dropped considerably when Katrina mentioned that she was going to start a site for me.


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