Sonnet 10

Today I’m not finding many words of my own, but I feel I still need this space, this lifeline of sorts. So instead of my own words, I share a poem from one of my favorite writers (okay, she’s THE favorite), Madeleine L’Engle. This poem was written after her husband’s death and is one of several that I have read over and over the past several days:

Sonnet 10

Don’t tell me that his pain is over now.
Don’t tell me cancer is a good God’s will.
Don’t talk about the Great Prime Mover, how
He knows all things, controls the future still.
Give me God who makes his creatures free
To play the story to a glorious finish,
Whose power is in relinquishing power, so we
May grow in love. Oh. let his power diminish
As he comes in to us with all our pain,
Who shows magnificence upon a cross,
Who o’er a groaning universe does reign
Until love triumphs over every loss.
Only this God is strong enough to say
“I love you,” and so throw all power away.

(from The Ordering of Love)



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2 responses to “Sonnet 10

  1. Amber Carter

    Those are amazing words!

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