We have a title!

As I’m sure many of you know, there is far more to publishing a book than sending in a manuscript. This week I’ve been compiling book blurbs, sending photos, and writing yet another bio (this one for the cover). Among the tasks was settling on a final title. I absolutely adored our working title (thanks Rev. Kate Hanch!), but as it turns out Priesthood of ALL Believers doesn’t really do much for artists who are trying to create an attractive cover.
On Wednesday, The FaithLab team had a brainstorming session (while on retreat!) and Jim Dant had a brilliant idea.

I am so excited to present to you the new, official title of my upcoming book:

The Modern Magnificat: Women Responding to the Call of God 



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11 responses to “We have a title!

  1. Stacy

    I love the new title! Mary’s Magnificat has always been a favorite of mine, so how awesome to be part of a book that ties us to that tradition!

  2. Robin

    Love it, Jen! Mary is one of my favorite disciples. : ) I feel privileged to be linked to her reference!

  3. Great title! Congrats and I hope things continue to go smoothly.

  4. Elizabeth Hagan

    Love it!

  5. Jenn – This is beautiful! Can’t wait to receive my copy!

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