Finding a place

Over and over again comes the question — is there a place for me? The broken record keeps scratching out the dreadful tune as I realize that soon seminary graduation will not be the “already, but not yet,” but completely ink-dried over. And I fear and wonder and hope — will there be a place for me?

ImageThere are moments of great hope, and sometimes they take me by surprise. Tonight I changed my facebook cover photo to the picture I’ve posted here. It is a picture of me pouring the cup before speaking the words of institution. You’ll note that a dog is very eager to get to the communion goodies. Within an hour of posting this photo, four members of the church “liked” it. It’s a simple thing, the facebook like button. But it makes me believe that these people that I’ve come to love have somehow managed to find a place in their hearts for me, too. And if I have a place while smiling at a dog and thinking about the strangeness, the goodness of bread and cup uniting people in God’s¬†reconciliation, then maybe there is room for me after all.


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  1. Heather Entrekin

    Communion with a beagle. That is perfect.

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