Like Coffee for Water

Some of you may remember from my 30 Things Before 30 post that one of my list items is to get 10 people to purchase Three Avocados Coffee. I first found out about Three Avocados in a contest to take over the twitter feed of For awhile we were the two top folks — and when I realized we were both in St. Louis, I knew I needed to find out more about this company.

Three Avocados is a fair trade company, meaning that the farmers are paid a fair, livable wage for their work. All of their proceeds go to fund clean water projects in Uganda. By purchasing their coffee you are providing a livelihood for farmers and helping people have access to clean water. Win-win!

And have I mentioned how tasty their coffee is? Seriously. I am picky. If I am paying for coffee, it needs to meet certain standards. Number 1: it must taste good. When we bought our first pack of Three Avocados, I was afraid. A do-good coffee company was likely not too concerned with the coffee side of things, right? Wrong. It met all of my requirements. The days that we have run out of coffee and have to resort to something else (which tends to still be fair trade quality coffee), I get sad. It is never as good.

I recognize not everyone has my taste in coffee, but it is good stuff.

So I’m asking you to try it. Those who live in St. Louis, I’d be glad to brew some up so you can taste-test before purchase. Or, if you are local, I’d also be glad to buy the coffee back from you if you don’t like it. But I think you will. You can order from the website or those of you in St. Louis can purchase in a number of local stores, including Dierbergs.

Please let me know if you order — and let me know what you think!



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3 responses to “Like Coffee for Water

  1. becca

    done! looking forward to its arrival 🙂 I’ll have to call you and we can drink our coffee together!

  2. I believe we are up to 5 — 4 individuals and 1 church (who is subscribed monthly thanks to the church moderator!)

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