30 Things Before 30

I turn 30 on September 27. Like plenty of other people, I want a way to welcome my 30s, so I created this “30 Things To Do Before 30” list. If you would like to help me accomplish one of them, please let me know!

1. Complete Book. (Sept. 8 — WOOHOO!)
2. Go fruit picking.
3. Lose 10 pounds.
4. Order wedding photo books.
5. Visit Botanical Gardens  (accomplished on June 16)
6. Read Madeleine L’Engle’s Crosswicks Journal series
7. Pay for person behind me in drive thru (I hate typing “thru”) (Sept. 8 — Taco Bell)
8. Stay up all night with Allyn watching movies.
9. Send at least 1 story to EthicsDaily  (This ran June 13)
10. Make pretzels. (Completed June 29)
11. Perfect salsa recipe.
12. Visit City Museum.
13. Give away 30 things.
14. Complete a sewing project.
15. Throw a party for strangers (plan is to invite friends to bring food and portable grills to one of the downtown parks, allowing anyone who requests food to eat). (Sept. 3)
16. Get 600+ in Skeeball.
17. Learn a dance with Allyn.
18. Guest post for a blog.
19. Try 30 new foods.
20. Create and sell 30 cards to raise funds for water.org.
21. Have jalapeno eating contest with Brittany (my sister).
22. Send something fun in the mail. (sent June 27)
23.Visit Museum of Contemporary Religious Art.
24. Volunteer at The Bridge.
25. See a Muny show (Saw “Thoroughly Modern Millie” on June 20).
26. Reach 100 blog posts.
27. Spend a day in silence.
28. Milk a cow.
29. Use at least 5 Entertainment Book coupons to explore St. Louis.
30. Get 10 people to purchase Three Avocados Coffee.



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7 responses to “30 Things Before 30

  1. Phebe

    Milk a cow????????????????

  2. Megan G

    Number 15 reminds me of the time you and I had neighbors over to our duplex for a picnic…they were basically strangers:)

  3. You are more than welcome to guest-host a blog for me. If you have short story that you think is deligthful, let me know. Tragically, I’m of absolutely no help to you on the other items. Either way, I hope it goes well for ya. 🙂

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