RNS: Stained Glass Ceiling

Religion News Service, a news wire service, ran a story on me today. The story was part of a University of Missouri J-school student’s senior project dealing with women in ministry. Check it out here.



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7 responses to “RNS: Stained Glass Ceiling

  1. kpickett

    Jennifer – this is great! I want to remind you…you are making a difference!

  2. kpickett

    You are such a pioneer! So glad you are on the trail!

  3. Nice article, Jennifer. I pray you will be called to a pastoral position soon. — Hang in there!

  4. Rosanne Osborne

    Great article! A friend of mine who pastored a Presbyterian church before she left to serve as a chaplain at a local hospital advised me that calling was more important than denomination.

    • I do believe that is true. The reason I hope to stay Baptist is to make things easier for the next generation of Baptist women. Last summer I interned at two UCC congregations. This summer I am with the Mennonites. I have a lot of preaching experience in a Free Methodist church.

  5. Rosanne Osborne

    I applaud your desire to stay, and I am certain that the door will open. The truth is that its opening will depend on how persistently your generation knocks.

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