Call(ing) for contributors

Baptist women ministers, I need you!

I’m beginning work on a book project—a compilation of call stories from Baptist women ministers. I am looking for Baptist women who feel called to ministry—those of you currently serving congregations, those of you looking for a congregation, those who are in seminary, and those who have felt a call and are just beginning to take steps to pursue that call. I need your stories!

If you would like to be considered for this publication, please send me (doveintheattic at gmail dot com) 2,000-3,000 words sharing your calling—how it was discerned,  what the process of answering that call has looked like in your life. I would also appreciate a photo (digital is fine) and a brief bio.


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33 responses to “Call(ing) for contributors

  1. Is there a deadline, Jennifer?

    • I have not set a hard deadline yet — waiting to hear from potential publishers before doing that (which I understand takes around 3 weeks — of course, my initial answers could very well be “thanks, but no thanks”). I’m leaning toward the end of May (to allow seminarians a few weeks after the semester ends!). Hoping to have enough to begin the selection process and editing after my own graduation on May 12.

  2. Victor Shields

    HI, Call the American Baptist Mission Center in Valley Forge. The Women in Ministry department has all kinds of resources and persons who could help you with a book of this type. I am sure they have written one before. The number is 1-800-ABC-3USA.

  3. Patti Faesy Meyer

    I’ll write my story! I also live in the St. Louis area – across the river in Illinois. My husband is a pastor as well – we met in seminary, but didn’t marry until 12 years later!

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  5. I’ll be glad to share my story.

  6. Jennifer, I’m there and will spread the word. I’ve been buried in the Baptist Sex & Covenant Conference for days, but a call story is forthcoming this week (along with a bunch of other writing!!). Looking forward to a great work about Baptist women ministers. We are definitely an interesting bunch!!

  7. Roxy

    I will share my story!

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  11. hey jennifer! i heard about your project from ed cyzewski. i am not baptist myself and realize your book will largely be contemporary, but i thought i’d pass along a link that may interest you about the ministries of black baptist women over 100 years ago:
    many blessings on your book project:)

  12. Jennifer, I’ll be glad to share my story. I’m united Methodist but received my call at 14, in the Baptist church. Didn’t know what it meant until I met my first female pastor when I was 32. Just let me know.

  13. Is it too late to get my call story to you?

  14. Another Baptist pastor here, just reading about your project (via reveals). Awesome! Glad to see it’s not too late to contribute!

  15. Priscilla J. Tunnell

    Am curious if you are only wanting ‘call stories’ from preaching ministers or all ministers. Either answer is fine, just interested. My main ministry has not been in preaching but have done all I really wanted. My story is old as I have just retired.

  16. Jennifer, is it too late to share my story?

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