A tale of two lovebirds . . .

Tonight I needed the words of Madeleine L’Engle. Since we have nothing of hers that I haven’t read, I pulled down my favorite, “A Wind in the Door.” When I opened to the first chapter, I found a note card with Allyn’s writing. As it turns out, I had not looked as this book—at least, not the first chapter—since our wedding day.

When two seminarians marry, you end up with a very different sort of wedding ceremony. We decided to give our own statement of purpose. We began by each reading from a book—a different book—at the same time. He read from L’Engle’s “Wrinkle in Time,” and I from “A Wind in the Door.” The rest of our Statement was written on that note card (I imagine there is another like it in the copy of “Wrinkle in Time”).  It made me smile, so thought I’d share it with you:

Both: Hearing two stories at once in chaotic.

J: You listen to one and ignore the other

A: Or attempt to take both in and comprehend neither.

Both: And yet, that is what we will do today.

A: We come with two separate stories—

J: Different families, different upbringings,

A: Different homes, bank accounts, and dreams.

J: Like the stories we started with, our individual narratives may have the same Author

A: But they are each distinct. Today we choose to weave our two stories

J: into one narrative,

A: managing to honor the individual parts

Both: while creating a better whole.



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6 responses to “A tale of two lovebirds . . .

  1. Thanks for sharing a lovely tale!

  2. June Seat

    What a great idea! Your intro was so good; if more couples began with that truth in mind, there would be much less disillusionment later.

  3. Rev. Erica Van Brakle

    With your blessing I would love to show my couples that I marry as an option. Thanks! Rev. Erica Van Brakle (CBTS ’07)

  4. the gentle cadence of your private conversation provides a nice little respite for this stranger. 🙂

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