January Check Up

Well, we’re a month into the year. Since I completely forgot about last year’s goals, I thought I would post montly check ups. Consider this check up #1.

The goals:

-get healthy — Due to some mental stresses that caused me to not really care about eating habits over the last week, I only lost two pounds this month… But hey, I lost two pounds this month! (Small steps are still steps, yes?)

-run 600 miles — I ran 13.25 miles this month — none over the last week and a half. Not good.

-have people over at least once a month — We had our friends Vicki and Brian over in January.

-read one non-assigned, non-editing book a month — I read two! Granted, I started in mid-December. I read Run With Me, a fantastic book by my friend Jennifer Luitwieler. Running is in the name, but Jennifer will be the first to tell you it is not a book about running. It is fabulous. Read it. And second, I read Craddock Stories, a collection of stories by Fred Craddock. They are already influencing the way I preach.

-finish 6 knitting projects — Um… no progress here.

-learn to sew — I’ve been in search of a sewing machine.

-pick fruit — January isn’t really the season for fruit-picking…

-plan a date with Allyn each month — We went ice skating and had sushi at Drunken Fish.

-make something crafty each month — In addition to all the cards (see below), I made our laundry detergent this month. Does that count?

-make one card a week to raise money for water.org — I started a facebook page for Dove in the Attic Designs and have now sold 11 cards.

-do something special for each holiday (including things like Groundhog Day) — MLK Day was in January — and also happened to be our big date day. I read some of MLK’s writings.

-document fun in photos — Took some fun photos of our date. That was about it, but we didn’t do much outside of work and school this month…


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  1. Elizabeth Hagan

    Love the list!

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