Hopes for 2012

I am perhaps late on this, but began drafting my list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2012 on Jan. 1. I’m sharing it here because I think it will be helpful for me to have a public posting of these. I intend to post an update once a month.

What I hope for 2012:

-get healthy — I have some personal qualifiers and checkpoints that go beyond the physical, but I’ll leave those for me! Just know that I do have a system to evaluate this one.

-run 600 miles — With travel for school and the perception of busy-ness, I didn’t run much last year. This is a modest goal (11-12 miles a week), but since I’m currently averaging 2 miles twice-ish a week, this gives me something to aim for (perhaps with a half marathon in the Fall!)

-have people over at least once a month — Like with running, school has seemed to dictate social schedule. I want to be more intentional about gathering with friends and offering hospitality in my home.

-read one non-assigned, non-editing book a month — Allyn choose this as a goal for himself, which he started last month. I thought it was a wonderful idea.
-finish 6 knitting projects — A neighbor taught me the very beginnings of knitting at the end of last year, I want to improve on my skills and practice them.
-learn to sew — I’ve never had any sort of sewing instruction, but I would really like to create things with cloth. I see great (seemingly easy) projects often, but have no ability to complete them.

-pick fruit — For two years, I’ve talked about apple or berry picking, but have failed to do it. This is my year.

-plan a date with Allyn each month — It doesn’t make sense to be intentional with other areas of life, but skip my husband.

-make something crafty each month — Crafting makes me happy. It is something I didn’t do much of last year,  I hope to fix that this year.

-make one card a week to raise money for water.org — In December, I began making cards using recycled paper. I have posted a couple of Valentine’s cards on facebook to sell, may eventually move to etsy. If you are interested, please ask!

-do something special for each holiday (including things like Groundhog Day) — I like celebrating and have been disappointed a few times this year because we got to some holiday and had no plans. I can only fix that by actually thinking about them in advance. Plus, celebration is good for my mood and appreciation of things in my life.

-document fun in photos — I took very few photos of life events this past year, partially because I didn’t like how I looked. I regret that and intend to take photos — whether I like them now or not.

I might also add that we are graduating from seminary in 2012! How crazy is that?



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2 responses to “Hopes for 2012

  1. Congratulations on the coming graduations this year. That’s awesome. What I was happiest about of all in reading your post was that you singled out my birthday for celebrating–Groundhog Day. Yeah!

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