Paying the bathroom toll

A friend of mine’s church had a special speaker a week or so ago and had over 100 people in the building. In order to get to the bathroom, you have to walk through the children’s area. And as it happened on this particular day, the kids used paper bricks to form a pathway from the front door of the kid room to the bathroom. Justice (a 5-year-old) set up a toll booth on the walkway to the bathroom. He asked the grown ups for a quarter in order to use the facilities.

The second grown  up to walk by asked Justice what he was going to use the quarters for. He didn’t know. So my friend Jen stepped in. “Would you consider donating it to kids who don’t have clean water in Africa?” She went on to explain that families in other parts of the world don’t have bathrooms or clean water to drink.

He thought about it and said “Yes!” that he would like to donate the money. “You could see him visibly concerned about this idea that people don’t have clean water,” Jen said. “So, we started telling everyone that Justice was collecting quarters for clean water. He was super duper excited that people cared about that and gave him hand fulls of quarters. It was great!”

Justice and his sisters — Honor (8) and Patience (6) — raised $30 in about an hour and donated it to my fundraiser. They raised enough money to give 1 person clean water for the rest of their life. I love the idea that adults paying to go to the bathroom helped people in other parts of the world have a bathroom to go to.

Will you help Justice (and Honor and Patience) help even more families this year? Click here to pay your bathroom toll.

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