The quiet times

I’ve neglected this space. Partially because I’ve started a blog with my husband documenting our life in downtown St. Louis, but mostly because I haven’t felt like much of a minister lately. Not feeling like a minister makes a ministry blog seem like a fake.

But perhaps this is the real work of ministry. Feeling human and overwhelmed and tired. These days I listen and try to be present with and act in role of friend, caring stranger or fellow human being. It is meaningful — to me, if not the people I’m listening to — but posting “today I listened to a woman” on a blog seems a bit anti-climatic. This is where my rhythm of life is. And I’m rather enjoying it.

I’ll try to post more soon — perhaps on class (I am still a student, afterall!). In the meantime, please visit Locust and Honey and check up on our neighborhood adventures.



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4 responses to “The quiet times

  1. Hmmm… feeling human and overwhelmed and tired sounds a little like Jesus surrounded by the crowds, and a lot like ministry. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Hagan

    Keep writing. We love to read 🙂

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