Do you believe in magic?

I met Ronald McDonald on Saturday. He arrived by van at Mt. Tabor after having traveled around the country. As he told stories of all the places he’s been this week, I couldn’t help but wonder what the airport security process is like for a man (clown?) with size 37 (give or take a foot) shoes. Do they even fit in the plastic containers?

He stepped inside the church where he was immediately claimed by kids of all ages. Even those who admitted fear of clowns warmed up to Ronald and were soon taking their own photos and requesting autographs.

Ronald was there for the Cash or Cans Magic Show — an effort to collect food and funds for area food pantries. He performed along with our own The Great Todd.

The magic tricks were fun, but they all came with a lesson: WE were the ones doing the magic. People coming together to feed those with no food is magic. People helping each other out is magic. People loving one another is magic. Magic is in community.

Carole used that in her children’s time on Sunday morning. The kids had trouble understanding how canned goods could be magic — especially when all they do is feed people.

But I’m hoping that kind of magic catches on. Perhaps we’ll all learn to be magicians, working together to serve one another. As Ronald would say “ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I’m lovin’ it.”

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