Sterile sacred ground

As IV drips images of cupcakes into pigtailed mind
She moans — tired lungs clambering —
And heaves up words, cumbrous as stones:
“help me.
Silence stumbles in as we try — powerless.
Shoes slip from socked feet remembering
This sterile ground is holy.



Filed under reflection

10 responses to “Sterile sacred ground

  1. Very nice, Jen. I like it. Thank you.

  2. Todd Sukany

    Do you need the first line? I get caught in the “L”s that are to represent the slow movement of the situation?

    What about choosing an image: wood (lumbering) or (my favorite) rocks. I think I “clamor” up rocks (well, not actually since that might constitute exercise LOL)

    I really like the strength of the dialogue on separate lines. YES!

    Thanks for letting me in.


  3. Todd Sukany

    I would see what it looks like without the first line.

    I like the L in clamoring. 🙂

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