Feeling childish

“I wanted to go forward for children’s time, but I thought I might embarass her,” she said, pointing at Pastor Carole. “I would have said ‘I’m two — a hundred and two!'”

Gertrude smiled at me. I’d been hearing stories about her for a week, but this was my first chance to meet the little fireball. She was wearing a pink floral dress and almost reached my shoulder. She’d come up to me after the church service, grabbed my hand and started talking.

“You should have come on up,” I responded. “How about next week?”

The smile deepened. “Do you dare me?”

“Yes. I dare you.”

Gertrude’s birthday was Wednesday. For her 102nd birthday, she called the pastor to have lunch — OUTSIDE in the nearly 102 degree heat. She lives on her own and apparently likes to hitch “rides” with any congregant walking by. She takes an arm and strolls right along.

“May God bless your family,” she said as we walked toward the door. “May God give you joy — we all need more joy in our lives.”

I think joy found me in the form of a 102-year-old child.

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142. A card left on my steering wheel
143. Wonderful anniversary date with my husband — all for half price (thank you Entertainment Book!)
144. Finalizing arrangements to live in the Leather Trades Artist Lofts
145. Beginning an internship under the wonderful Carole Barner
146. A spontaneous trip for frozen yogurt
147. Meeting lots of new people at Grace UCC and Mt. Tabor UCC
148. A call from my grandmother wanting an article with my story to use in a program she is putting together on women in ministry
149. hanging out with American Baptists
150. Hearing kids brag about my cookies at a World Impact cook out
151. Blowing bubbles with Mona at the cook out
152. Free eggs at Target today


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