Reaching 100

85. Free Redbox days (last week we saw “The Social Network”)

86. Date night to the Olive Garden

87. Serendipitous collapsing of a book shelf, which actually resulted in a better-looking room.

88. Hair cut! I love having my hair washed and played with.

89. Getting to meet and hang out with most of the World Impact St. Louis folks at our “breakfast for dinner” night.

90. Introducing little Mona to our two kitties.

91. Weekend at home! They are few and far between.

92. Sitting with my good friends, the Wiggers, at church on Sunday.

93. Fun Valentine’s Day painting pottery and eating an Allyn-cooked meal.

94. Chocolate lips sitting in my mailbox — a coworker’s traditional gift

95. A Real Simple magazine waiting at home to be read on the plane tomorrow


97. Trying new recipes — made two types of scones (for breakfast for dinner night) and peanut butter blossom cookies with dark chocolate Dove hearts

98. Free tickets to see one of our favorite (okay, there is really no contest here) Hebrew Bible scholars.

99. Knowing that Allyn will not know about the above tickets for another hour — and knowing he will be excited about it.

100. Friends and family who do little things to make me smile ALL. THE. TIME. =0)


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