Just thanks

Allyn and I both seem to have the flu. Due to that, the real post I had planned will be postponed. Today, just thankfulness…

63. A working car

64. A dad that rescued us when our car decided not to work last week

65. A fanTAStic towing company who made us smile in the midst of an otherwise unpleasant situation. If you are in the St. Louis area, check out Asset Towing.

66. Gifts of blueberry muffins and chocolate milk

67. The blog of my friend, Ashley Haupt. Read it.

68. Some special friends who were an amazing gift of grace this week.

69. Chad Thomas’ gift of music (the new Iron and Wine)

70. Time to hang out with the Tankersley clan

71. Alkaseltzer Plus

72. Hot tea

73. A snow day tomorrow giving me extra time to recover

74. A husband who brings me cough syrup and Alkaseltzer Plus even when he is also sick.


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