Continuous gifts

31. The arrival of a back-ordered Christmas present (Feasting on the Word: Year A Vol. 1). Thanks, Mom and Dad!

32. A date reading books at Borders, dining at Qdoba and watching Psych episodes at home

33. Chaddy Thomas being a step closer to book publication — check out his new website (and notice me on the sidebar!)

34. Dinner with an old friend and his wife at Bandanas.

35. Receiving a book of sermons from said friend.

36. My buddy Kara coming to hear me preach at Lighthouse. It was fun sharing that church with others.

37. Losing two pounds this week, even with the dinners out.

38. The continuous revelation that I don’t have to go to Kansas City this coming weekend (continuous because I keep thinking we do).

39. Ghirardelli peppermint bark bars for 48 cents.

40. The hubs and I tried 2 new recipes this week — and I only invented one of them. Even better, BOTH were a success.

41. Reporting NO knee pain this morning. That means A and I get to go running!

42. is reporting no snow until later this afternoon, so don’t have to worry about running in it (which is super tough, as it turns out).

43. Kyle Matthews’ song “Been Through the Water” — especially the moments when OTHER people have been humming it =0)


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