It feels like a Monday…

but only in the thankful sense. I haven’t done too well keeping up with Multitude Mondays, so may as well make use of a Thursday.

21. The glow of lights on our cute little Christmas tree.

22. A husband who gets (or at least pretends to get) that Christmas does not end on Dec. 25, but merely begins there.

23. Family and friends who spoil me.

24. Getting to see family (another gathering tomorrow!)

25. Playing the “how many hot fries can you eat without drinking anything” game with my sister. Too bad Tom’s variety are not at all spicy. We gave up after about 20, realizing we’d get through the whole bag without a burning mouth.

26. Dinner at Kara’s and receiving the orange of friendship

27. Clean clothes AND dishes.

28. Netflix instant queue. Cleaning the living room is so much better with episodes of 30 Rock.

29. The Cranberry Chutney Yankee Candle picked out by her husband. Or perhaps this is really thankfulness that I have a husband with amazing taste in candles.

30. The Satterfields’ Christmas newsletter. You really can’t beat an e-newsletter from a fun family with tons and tons of hidden links.

Next up: New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, I’m one of those.


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