Artists for Pakistan

My friend — and fantastic photographer –Neil Das has organized “Artists for Pakistan” to raise money for relief efforts. He was looked for folks to help publicize the event, so I asked him a few questions to post here:

Why this event?
Well, part of the motivation for this event was selfish. I wanted to get some photos printed and shown after a long lull. I have often done art shows in which the proceeds go to charity and so I thought I would do the same for the Pakistani flood victims. I decided to invite others and it has snowballed from there. Now it seems like lots of folk will be coming and many people are helping me.

I chose to donate money to Pakistan because the flooding there is catastrophic and of a scale that is hard to imagine and it still the response is underwhelming, even, I am sad to add, in the church. It is good if we can help Pakistanis for a number of very good reasons, if to alleviate human suffering is not reason enough.

What kind of art will we find?
If you come to this art you will find art from photographers, sculptors, and painters. The styles and prices vary quite a bit and may be previewed here:

The evening will also feature a string quartet.

For those who haven’t had dal, what exactly is it?
Dal is the Pakistani word for lentils. The type of dal I will be making is not the greenish-brown type one finds in lentil soup, though, it is bright yellow and very tasty. It can be purchased for $5 a bowl, also to help flood relief.

There will also be standard art show refreshments later in the evening.

Check out Neil’s blog at the link above for more information. If you haven’t had his cooking, I should note the event is worth attending just for the food!


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