Who doesn’t like a party?

Prepare the confetti and banners! It is birthday season in the Harris Dault household. I celebrated 28 years on Monday, and my husband will follow in two days. The refrigerator is full of cake from the week’s festivities: dinner with my family last Friday, a gathering at our house on Saturday and staff meeting celebrations on Tuesday. And I’m excited for the week to repeat itself with celebrations of Allyn’s life.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I like birthdays. Folks keep telling me that will pass as I hit certain milestones, but I don’t think so. I hope to take every opportunity to celebrate life, friends and fattening foods. Should one really become too old to enjoy being alive?

I hope we all find something to celebrate this week. If you live in my area, feel free to stop by our house and join us for a piece of my mom’s Mounds cake and a glass of strawberry lemonade.

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One response to “Who doesn’t like a party?

  1. Seriously, I doubt I will ever tire of birthdays either. When do presents stop being exciting??? As long as you ask for cool things and have friends/family that love you, how can you lose?:)

    So glad you are still my friend after all these years.

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