I just can’t hide it

I am so excited. A project I’ve been dreaming about, praying about and worrying about has officially launched. Baptist Women in Ministry – Missouri is a reality. It has actually been official for a few weeks now, but the website went live today, which makes it all feel far more official. The website was designed by our partner and friend — FaithLab.

My hope and prayer is that this organization works itself out of a job. I would love to see the day where women have no need to justify their positions in ministry. Until then, I’m so glad women ministers in my state have an organization to serve as an advocate.



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6 responses to “I just can’t hide it

  1. This looks so great, Jennifer.

    This really will help Missouri take some of those crucial next steps towards becoming more open and blatant about supporting women in pastoral roles. So far, Missouri Baptists seem to be mostly talk and no action. Thanks for pushing people.

    • I wish I could say my intentions were as noble as that. In reality, I wonder about my own future, as well as the future of my female colleagues. If I don’t step up and do something, I may be left without a job.

  2. LKSeat

    Congratulations on the beginning of an important ministry!

  3. June Seat

    Jennifer, I read several of the stories in your blog and on the website. I am really impressed at the quality and interest level of all of it. The pictures you select really are perfect for each article. I predict you are going to make a tremendous difference in “winning hearts and minds” to the importance of accepting women in ministry.

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