Let’s do lunch

Lunch is a spiritual practice. My friend Linda Milan taught me that years ago. She would say that providing food is a physical form of love. Based on the meal she made for our ethics class, I’d agree. Sharing a meal binds people together, creates community. Perhaps that is why I enjoy lunch meetings. It is hard to be “all business” when you have pesto on your chin.

I recently had a lunch meeting for the purpose of creating community. I met with Robin Sandbothe and Molly Marshall to discuss my newest project – starting a Baptist Women in Ministry-Missouri group. The group is in its beginning stages, but women from across the state have declared their interest and started discussing what such a community could look like. At this particular lunch, we pondered the low numbers of Baptist women in ministry positions and ways we could help churches consider calling a qualified woman to fill their open positions. We talked about encouraging young ladies as they begin to consider where God is calling them. We shared stories of other groups — like a Kansas City peer learning group — who are already doing great things to help support women ministers.

I’m hoping this is the first of many lunches with women and men across the state as we discover how to encourage women who feel called into ministry. You interested? Let’s do lunch.

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6 responses to “Let’s do lunch

  1. Hey – well you know that I am in – but…where did you get the interesting picture?

    • The photo credit is at the bottom of the post — I did a flickr search for “lunch.” When I came across the praying mantis (which is made out of something — not an actual bug on the rice), I thought it was appropriate. I look forward to lunch with you sometime soonish =0)

  2. Great point. Sharing a meal was a central part of fellowship in the New Testement. Fun photo!

  3. Nick

    Haha, I love the mantis bento box!

  4. Nick

    (But please, when I have lunch with you, do not serve me any bugs)

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